About Me

A keen (amateur) photographer for many years, beginning in the early 1980's with a Practika MTL3 35mm film camera I eventually bought-in to the digital revolution and soon settled on the Canon brand.

From teaching myself to develop my own film and make my own prints, the adoption of digital changed the workflow considerably. Most of my shooting was then in RAW and many hours were spent sat in front of a computer (many more hours in fact than in the darkroom previously).

Eventually though, I tired of sitting in front of a screen and became a little disillusioned. I stopped taking photos. Lately, having swapped systems to Fujifilm, my passion was re-ignited. I was thrilled with the Fujifilm out-of-camera jpgs and so began phase 2 of my photography interest!

The compact size of the Fuji mirrorless system means it's no bother at all to always have my camera with me. The minimal extra effort over using a smartphone reaps rewards far beyond that which is put in.

This blog is brought to you in the hope that it may be of interest and ideally inspire too. Never be without your camera!