Frosty Berries

A frosty morning always presents opportunities for a decent pic.

I saw these berries and grabbed two shots - one of which wasn't sharp due to camera shake. This one is the better of the two. I liked the way the gentle "vee" of the foreground provides a winter feel to the rest of the image. Still, not quite as sharp as I'd have liked - I should perhaps have taken a few more with a slightly higher ISO to give better shutter speed. My mode of choice is generally aperture priority unless circumstances dictate otherwise. On this occasion shutter priority might have been a better setting - whilst keeping an eye on the depth of field. The beauty of mirrorless is the way that any changes are so easily seen live. I tend to use the viewfinder rather than pushing the camera out in front of me in the typical and using the screen for composition. This means you're not as steady as the natural triangle formed by the elbows when looking through the viewfinder. Many modern DLSRs have a live view option but the viewfinder is still optical with these. The EVF on the Fuji's, especially the X-T2 is amazing; being bright, unaffected by strong sunlight and giving almost 100% of the viewing angle. True WYSIWYG!